Height: ... 34"                                                     Price: ...... $ 20,000

The base of the lamp depicts a flamingo, standing in an Iris patch. It is 36" tall and has no markings. Its construction is bronze, with painted accents. The frosted crystal, petal-form "prisms" when hung properly, form a beautiful, perfect hanging Iris flower. There are 6 or 7 different prism patterns, some tall, some short, some curled up and some not. Many of the petals are marked "R. LALIQUE", with a molded signature near the hole, at the top wear the wire is threaded (for hanging).

It would appear the petals were custom made for the base, as opposed to being purchased from the LALIQUE company. Because the petals of the flowers, (left rear of the middle photo), are quite a bit smaller than the rest, there is little distance between flower, petal, and the bronze leaf.  It actually forms a closed bud.

Since all the petals are made the same, whether signed or not, these were specially ordered by someone near LALIQUE or even by the factory itself.  The metal ornament above the prisms slides up the stem to reveal a washer with holes to hang the prisms. They were made originally of lead but only the fragment of one was left when the lamp was acquired.  So we used antique washers and drilled holes in order to hang the glass flower pedals.  The wiring fixtures are original.  All of the metal is bronze, with painted and gilded decorations.

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Unlit (white backdrop)
Lalique_flamingo_white_backdrop_lit.jpg (109699 bytes)
Lit (white backdrop)
Lalique_flamingo_on_counter_lit.jpg (111908 bytes)
Lit (on counter)
Lalique_flamingo_hr_unlit.jpg (185637 bytes)
Same (Higher Resolution)
Lalique flamingo lamp lit_6x8.jpg (133699 bytes)
Lit (6x8)
Lalique_flamingo_on_counter_unlit.jpg (106457 bytes)
Unlit (on counter)

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