Here is a fine timepiece that unfortunately has been previously sold to another dealer but is so nice I had to give it a little web presence. T is one of the nicest Seth Thomas clocks we have had in recent years. The clock measures 75 long, has nice original finish, finely engraved nickel pendulum bob, original finials and a suburb original painted dial, which is often repainted or in very poor shape for this model. Eight day movement with 12 dial and sweep seconds hand mounts to Lyre-form cast iron back plate which supports the back swinging pendulum. There are interesting horseshoe design hands. There is a chapter central ring which keeps hands from rubbing against the dial, a trait borrowed from Vienna wall regulators which indeed this case represents the best features of any Vienna regulator made in Germany but with the heavy walnut and veneers which makes our Victorian and Renaissance Revival furniture that much better than pieces shipped from overseas. Pictures will tell it all on this fine Seth Thomas regulator. E. Howard of Boston would have loved adding this model to their fine line of regulator clocks they made in the latter of half of the 19th century. Seeing this specific model clock was the choice of the Santa Fe Railway Line and present in many railway stations during the 1880s speaks for itself as to the accuracy of this clock.. We are always procuring the finest in floor and wall regulators at well as a fine selection of Victorian and custom furniture along with our high line inventory. 

A nice sleek piece. The later models were 2 deeper and had option of 2-jar mercury pendulum instead of polished nickel plated pendulum bob. This model, being so thin, could only have the polished bob pendulum.


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