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Drescription: Regina 27-inch Dragon Front" Auto-change Disc Musical Box, No. 30155, with duplex combs, twelve-disc magazine, twin motors (for disc and changing-mechanism), stop / start / repeat and 12-disc select levers, in rounded mahogany case with egg-and-dart borders, monochrome Regina print, glazed disc-cover and door with arched window flanked by carved columns with baluster-turned capitals, acanthus leaf carving and stylized spandrels in the form of winged dragons with darting foliate tails, with thirteen discs.

Provenance: Purchased from a Connecticut antiques shop in the 1970s. The vendor was informed that the Regina was acquired from the estate of P.T. Barnum, founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Movement and case have been recently overhauled by Al Meekins, New Jersey.

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