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Weight driven marble clock. extremely hard to find piece

Our firm has been buying and selling fine timepieces since 1950.  Robert S. Webber, was a Fellow in the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC, for short), and this clock was his last venture in his 50+ year career in the Antiques business, before he passed away peacefully just before his 76th birthday this fall. His eyes lit up when he saw photos yet he never got the chance to see the item in person. He would have said, with that childlike smile that a great find would bring to his face, "Isn't that just wonderful!!"

This is an enormous clock and a rare find. I have had my share of marble dial wall and lobby clocks, some in my inventory as we speak but this piece really overpowers any I have had the privilege to work on. An early Howard clock with the 1867 date. Edward Howard had been on his own for 10 years at this time. Movement is original to case with the regulator pendulum length not common in marble clocks. As a long drop regulator, this clock should be a very accurate timekeeper with its 31 1/2" pendulum rod with original 4" diam. damascened pendulum bob. Clock movement was very dirty when we acquired it, but now it has been professionally cleaned and oiled to running order. Hands are original and "E. Howard & Co. / Boston" branded movement. There is a small hole which you can start the pendulum swinging below glass window. A screw driver fits in the hole and starts the pendulum swinging nicely.

This clock was a gift from Bostonian statesman Otis Norcross (1811-1882) presented in 1867. In 1861, he ran unsuccessfully for MA House of Representatives but served in 1867 for one year term as Mayor of Boston. In 1868, the Norcross School was built on D and Fifth Streets in honor of Mayor Otis Norcross. This clock is said to have hung in that building which he presented to the school in honor of his term as Mayor.

As an interesting anecdote, Norcross is the Viking word meaning “Men from the North Cross.” The clock case has the feel of a Nordic or Viking Cross. It is not religious but stately in design and on the right wall will be a stunning piece. Case is walnut and has its original oxidized finish. There are some small nicks to trim which should be visible in photos. I believe there were simple finials at the left and right sides mounts (dowel hole present) and there are some small molding pieces which have repair quote being made by my cabinetmaker this week. I can have this work done before shipping if buyer wishes. My cabinetmaker is excellent with Victorian walnut repairs and with old wood I can have the clock restored properly for reasonable cost or you maybe buy as it is. I have found in old Howard catalog with appropriate square finial to be made.

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Movement (E. Howard, stamp)

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