ARTS & CRAFTS GEORGE BOYD DECOYS (coming up for our Auction on October 28, 2006)

The best collection of miniature ducks we have ever offered.......

Price: ...... $ Estimated values to be provided shortly

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Collection of 15
 Boyd mini decoys

2nd shot
 collection group

George Boyd Pair
 of White Heron

Side view of
 White Herons

Front view of
 White Herons

Rear view of
White Herons

Bottom of
 White Herons

Signed George Boyd
Trumpeter Swan

Angle view of Trumpeter Swan

Left view of
 Trumpeter Swan

Signature George Boyd

Boyd Mallard ducks

Mallard Hen

Mallard Drake

Front view of Mallards

Side view of
 Mallard drake

Rear view of ducks

Bottom of ducks
 signed in pencil

One marked Mallard
 duck by George Boyd

Boyd pair of puffins

Puffin drake

Puffin hen

Side left view of puffins

Angle view of puffins

Right side view of puffins

Rear of puffins

Front angle of puffins

Bottom of puffins,
 marked in pencil

Boyd pair of Comarants

Comarant drake

Angle view of
 Comarant hen

Comarant drake

Comarant hen

Rear view of Comarants

Front view of Comarants

Bottom of Comarants

Boyd pair of
 Canadian Geese

Goose left side

Goose right side

Gander left side

Gander right side

Goose and gander

Goose and gander

Bottom of goose
 and gander

Boyd pair of
Ruffed Grouse

Closeup of drake

Closeup of hen

Angle side of
Ruffed Grouse

Side of Ruffed Grouse

Rear of Ruffed Grouse

Bottom of
Ruffed Grouse

Ruffed Grouse

Boyd pair of long
 billed birds

One of the pair.

The other has part
 of beak broken

Another view of the pair

and another.

and another

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