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Tiffany & Co Walter Durfee 9 Tube Hall Clock Pattern #4

"Best of the Best" ornate tall clock

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Movement w/Chimes

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This is as good a hall clock timepiece as we have ever owned and are proud to be offering it for the serious collector. We have had the same model hall clock in mahogany case which I at first thought was superior but this model in oak is really more striking.

This Walter H. Durfee of Providence, RI, circa 1895, Federal-style oak case 9-tube hall timepiece has an Eliott of London movement, state-of-the art for it's time as well as to this day, with hour strike on long tubular bell as well as quarter striking choice of Westminster or Whittington chiming on 8 tubular bells. It is in terrific running order, an ode to the quality of this century old antique. It is cleaned, oiled, and ready to be set up in your home as it is running in my home as you read this listing.   

This fine movement is housed in the one of the best quarter-sawn case produced for Walter H. Durfee, Providence, RI, most likely made by one of the top Boston cabinet shops which he used for his finest pieces, and retailed by his most prestigious sales agent,


You might think a carved Mermaid or Dragon case is more fancy but when you see the finely carved pillars, the crisp lines of the moldings, and cutout crest and side panels, you will appreciate the craftsmanship of this masterpiece more and more as time passes ticking back and forth, almost hypnotically through the day, striking boldly on each quarter hour. You can look at this clock for hours, well....at least I can.


The stunning carved door has 2 rows of 3 square glass panels at the bottom and an arch keystone design at the top all made of thick beveled glass as are the 2 rectangular side panels on each side along with the hood door. I have been assured by a knowledgable restorer that the finish is old and original, ready to be placed in the finest of residences.

It is signed Walter Durfee many times... twice on the movement plates, twice on the moon phase, and once on each tubular chime with the early 'Walter H. Durfee, RI, Providence'.and patent dates. As a side note, the use of tubular bells for chiming hall clocks was patented in America by Durfee just before the turn of the century, making the use of Tubular chimes his monopoly for a decade until other quality clock manufacturers contested his right to patent their use and eventually made the use eminent domain after defeating Durfee in court.


Choice of chime melody is switchable by a lever above the dial. A second subsidiary dial lever switches off the chimes altogether. The chimes operate on each quarter hour and on the hour, followed by the hour-strike on the ninth tube. Just chiming at this moment this piece is in excellent running order and ready for its next 100 years of service for your family.


One of the most interesting, traditional features of many tall case clocks is the moon dial, originated with the very finest clockmakers. This dial indicates each phase of the moon. Above the scene is an arch. This arch is graduated to the lunar or moon month of 29-1/2 days . At either end of the arch is a hemisphere, representing the earth. The moon face first appears over the left hemisphere. As the disc progresses, the quarters of the new moon come into view until the moon is clear of the left hemisphere when it is full. Then the moon disappears in back of the right hemisphere. In turn, the sequences register each lunar phase, new moon, first quarter, half moon, full moon, third quarter and old moon.

The clock measures 98" in height, 27" in width, 17" in depth and has a 12.5" diameter chapter ring, 13.5" overall dial width.

The sale of this clock will require the seller to pay for all moving and setup charges. Clock will be shipped to your home and if need be we can assist you in setting up you clock through one of our associates across the country. I am amazed but this clock can be set up and running in 15 minutes, usually a good hour or two process. I think the engineering and design of this piece just tells you it wants to run well and it does.

Please let us know any thought or questions you may have. We would be glad to assist you in any way.