Alkham Resident Traffic Calming Survey (Jan-2018)

*Survey Return Deadline : 31 JAN 2018
The results from our first questionnaire in the Spring delivered the overwhelming opinion that something needed to be done to calm traffic through the village. Your views and opinions are now being sought on the following proposals aimed to achieve a reduction in traffic speed and volume on the Alkham Valley Road and by doing so improve the quality of life for all residents and provide a safe environment for all users of the road.

All adult members of every household in the Parish are now asked to express their individual views on the proposals by completing this questionnaire by the latest 31st of January 2018 and either posting the completed paper version into the Parish Council’s Suggestion Box located outside the Village Hall or by completing the questionnaire on-line version via
This data is for Alkham Parish Council use only, no personal data will be shared with a 3rd Party.
If you wish us to contact you on any questions, be sure to give an optional e-mail or phone number below.

Alkham Traffic Calming Measures Questionnaire (Jan-2018)

For each question, please indicate in the appropriate box whether you a) Strongly Agree, b) Agree, c) Neither Agree nor Disagree, d) Disagree, or e) Strongly Disagree

Alkham Traffic Calming - Prioritisation

Thank you for your support in what is being proposed and for taking the time to complete and return this questionnaire.

We can now begin the submission process, where you can review and complete the process. Hit "Submit" when you are ready =====>>>