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Shipping & Returns

Shipping/Handling/Insurance Policy: Buyer pays for actual shipping, handling and insurance. We are glad to arrange all shipping and will provide shipping estimates promptly.

Restocking Fee: We charge a 10% fee on all returned items. This can be negotiated at time of sale. This ensures that as a general rule, sales are at least intended to be final. If we choose to waive any Restocking Fee that is our right, and on your side, your are protected 90%, in case you change your mind. 

Taxes, Customs Fees, and Stamp Duty: Remember, no sales tax in New Hampshire! If you are receiving delivery in a foreign country, you are responsible for customs, and stamp duty (if it applies)

Returns Procedure: If you are not pleased with your purchase, or change your mind. Simply contact us within 3 days of delivery of your item to arrange for its return and a refund of the purchase price, less a restocking fee.

We will acknowledge your request within 3 days, after which we will expect return shipment within 3 days:

  • The item must be returned via the original carrier (unless agreed otherwise with us), in its original packaging, insured (if available) for the full purchased price. It must be received in the same condition as when it was shipped with any tags and identifying marks intact.
  • We recommend you use delivery tracking and get a delivery receipt.
  • The buyer pays for return shipping and insurance, unless agreed otherwise between the buyer and ourselves.

After we verify the returned item is as originally sent, we will issue a full refund within 3 days. Any refund via check or money order, will be sent recorded delivery of some kind, with receipt confirmation.

Items damaged during shipping (Important - Read Carefully): We will pack your item(s) appropriately, and provide them to the shipping agent in as sold condition, sometimes "things happen" in transit. If items are lost or delivered to you with damage, DO NOT SEND them back. This voids shipping insurance.

As damage claims can only be made on items shipped with insurance, we recommend and quote shipping with insurance. If the buyer wishes to waive insurance, HG Webber will not be held responsible for loss or damage to item lost or damaged in shipping.

In case of damage, notify us immediately as to the situation. If repairs are possible, we will be able to advise the best route. Claims are raised by the recipient directly to the carrier. Carriers will have varying procedures, so check with them for information. We will of course, assist in any way we can. For outgoing shipments, we will provide insurance details to you. For return shipments, we expect you to inform us likewise.

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